Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s

Shri Shivaji Institute of Engineering
and Management Studies, Parbhani

Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit at BSNL Office, Parbhani

An industrial visit to the BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) office offers students and professionals an opportunity to gain insights into the operations and infrastructure of one of India’s leading telecommunications companies. The visit typically includes a guided tour of various departments within the BSNL office, providing participants with firsthand experience of how telecommunication services are managed and delivered.

During the visit, participants may have the opportunity to:
1. Learn about BSNL’s history, mission, and role in the telecommunications industry.
2. Explore the different departments such as customer service, network operations, technical support, billing, and marketing.
3. Gain insights into the latest technologies and equipment used in telecommunication networks, including landline, mobile, broadband, and fiber optic systems.
4. Understand the process of providing telecom services to residential, commercial, and government clients.
5. Interact with BSNL employees and managers to learn about their roles, responsibilities, and career paths in the telecommunications sector.
6. Witness live demonstrations of network operations, troubleshooting procedures, and customer service practices.
7. Discuss emerging trends and challenges in the telecommunications industry, such as 5G technology, digital transformation, and cybersecurity.