Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s

Shri Shivaji Institute of Engineering
and Management Studies, Parbhani


Name of the Laboratory Lab Area Software/Hardware Configuration
Engineering Physics Lab. 79 Sq.Meter Characteristics of diode , Polarimeter tube, X-ray Diffraction ,by gratting, Newton’s ring, He-Ne laser source etc.
Engineering Chemistry Lab. 78 Sq.Meter PH meter, Conductivity meter, Furnace,Distillation apparatus, Morganatic Stirrer & heater and all Chemicals and Glasswares.
Communication Skills Lab. 53.5 Sq.Meter Computers, Language lab software, projector, Head phones etc
Engineering Graphics Lab. 79 Sq.Meter
Engineering Mechanics Lab. 78 Sq.Meter Universal force table, Cantilever beam, single purchase winch-crab,  double purchase winch-crab,